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"Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well."

- Naya Rivera

Watercolor Butterfly 12

My Story

As a young girl  I was always into reading W magazine, Vogue, and Harpers Bazaar. I had an eye for high fashion and enjoyed sitting in my bed sketching stiletto shoes and wedding gowns to mimic what was in the latest fashion magazines . I posted them on the wall of my bedroom and dreamed of living in NYC! When I was 16 years old I finally got my first chance to visit the "big city" with my aunt and cousin. The trip was so inspirational and to me, it was only the beginning.


 My first love was NARS Cosmetics at Barney’s NYC. Of course, I spent all of my spending money on makeup! I remember that palette: it was a beautiful cool sky blue, with a dark shade, almost black, with teal blue sparkles . I took it back to our Uptown hotel room and immediately begged my older cousin to let me do her makeup! She let me, and it actually turned out quite beautiful.


My senior year of high school I created my art portfolio to turn into CCAD- The Columbus College of Art and Design.After a couple of roadblocks, I chose to attend trade school and become an esthetician. I finished the program but I was already working my dream job with MAC Cosmetics. With MAC I learned in depth about color theory , color concept, matching all skin tones, creating art with makeup and of course proper use of tools/brushes. Makeup quickly became my way of creating artwork, and women were my bare canvas. Teaching them how to apply products, seeing the look on their faces when I completed their look, and the gratitude and emotion about how beautiful they felt was EVERYTHING to me.

After a few glorious years with MAC, I decided to take a job at Saks Fifth Avenue with YSL /  Trish McEvoy counter. They sent me to Chicago Michigan Ave., Saks for extensive training with Trish McEvoy HERSELF, which was a pretty big deal at the time! It was just me, in another big city doing what I loved!


Shortly after that I took a leap of faith and just went for it and moved to West Hollywood! I landed a job freelancing for Hourglass at Barney’s but ended up taking a job with a very sought after boutique called Ron Herman. While there I learned to do studio pulls for Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Louise Parker for Weeds, Brittany Spears, Kate Hudson, Mary J Blige, worked with Jonah Hill, Lisa Marie Presley, Kanye West, The face of Chanel Vanessa Paradise, Elizabeth Berkeley and so many more! What an incredible experience in my career to work hand in hand with some of the best in the business!

When I found out I was expecting my first child, London Rose, I moved back to Ohio. I stumbled upon a brand new MLM beauty company called Younique cosmetics as I was settling in to being a first time mother. I had never worked for an mlm before but quickly found out that it fit my current phase of life. I started growing a team and mentoring other everyday women on how to apply makeup, the do’s and don’t, tips and tricks. I grew close with the owners of the company and that forever changed my life! Being a part of the growth of an international beauty brand, mlm or not, this was huge! I decided to move to Utah to work for Younique at the corporate level, creating and developing the products along with training the company on the products and how to use each one! I worked closely with the marketing team to produce  training videos, and was on set often creating content, international catalogs, and tutorials!


After awhile it got harder being away from family/home base so I decided to move back home to Ohio. In the years that followed I worked for Blowout Bar doing makeup application and add on's for clients. I also worked with a few other MLM based beauty brands, traveled and had cool experiences like meting the founders of Beauty Counter in Santa Barbara. My location may have changed and the companies may have changed over the years but one thing stayed the same... my love for makeup and how it can make you feel. 


I decided I wanted to take my years of experience, expertise, understanding of products and genuine love for people to create this amazing business. I'm brought to tears daily by the beauty that I am surrounded with through my work with my clients.

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